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Solarian 3-LED Solar Flashlight Keychain  
Item ID# 79-KP
As low as $4.01

The Companion Keychain With Whistle  
Item ID# 7004K
As low as $5.16

The Simplicity Bottle Opener Keychain  
Item ID# 4803K
As low as $3.09

The Valet Pewter Keychain With 2 Key Rings  
Item ID# 03-KP
As low as $3.99

The Sure Float Keychain  
Item ID# KFS
As low as $1.55

Deluxe Chrome Rectangular Keychain  
Item ID# 0055KE
As low as $3.21

The Elda Metal Round Keychain  
Item ID# 0501KE
As low as $2.62

Recycled Round Aluminum Keychain  
Item ID# ER-A-TK
As low as $0.95

Carabiner key holder Pen with soft grip  
Item ID# 160CNEP
As low as $1.01